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UK National Lottery Wheeling Challenge

Can you beat the current records of 163 tickets (guaranteed 3-match) and 19 tickets (guaranteed 2-match) for a 6 from 49 lottery ? To help you in the challenge, here's some tools:

Note that there is now a tie-breaker rule:

If two or more wheels equal the record (i.e. use the same number of tickets to guarantee a 2-match or a 3-match), the one that will be used will be the one that covers the most number of 2-match or 3-match combinations (the verifier program outputs that figure so it can be confirmed).

If you beat the record, then please e-mail your wheel file (i.e. your equivalent of wheel163.txt or wheel19.txt) to me and, if verified, you will become the new record holder ! Note that whoever holds the current record will not only get credit here, but their wheel will be used as the basis of the "at least 1 three-match" option or "at least 1 two-match" option of the Lottery Perms page.

Of course, if someone has written software to actually generate an optimal wheel, then I'd be very interested indeed (it's a bit too complex for me to easily work out - has anyone got the theory behind the optimal solution for this problem ?).


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